Insurance and Fees

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You may pay by utilizing your insurance company or you may pay out of pocket. Insurance payments range from $60 to $104 and average $80.00 per session depending on your insurance company and your plan. Out of pocket self payment fees range from $60 to $80. In special cases fees may vary. Make sure to ask us about our sliding payment scale for self pay.

There are some things you should consider when deciding whether to use your insurance or to pay out of pocket. If privacy and security are an issue with you, choosing the out of pocket option might be the best choice for you. Insurance companies have a set of “guidelines” that apply to claims for mental health counseling. Make the right choice for you...These guidelines may have unforeseen consequences. They all require a mental disorder diagnosis. Their panels then decide if you actually need the therapy. The insurance companies have determined a set number of visits and types of intervention it takes to be “cured”. If you feel the need for more visits for your condition, you have to petition for more paid visits with no guarantee of having them approved. This diagnosis requirement necessitates that I have to share the information with the insurance company who in turn can share it with your employer, the courts, or other authorized entities. Before insurance payments are disbursed by the insurance, plan deductibles must be met by client.

Accepted Insurance Plans

Insurance plans vary, make sure to check back for newly added plans.

Ina Krieble, MA NCC LPCC - Aetna, BCBS, Cigna, Magellan Behavioral Health, Molina, OptumHealth New Mexico, Presbyterian Health Plan, and United Behavioral Health.

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